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>> Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wow - what a roller coaster ride 2011 has been for many in our midst and it seems to me that there have been lots of people who have graced my pages and for whom we have prayed, hoped and rejoiced with.

They have been difficult days for some families.

Both McKenzies have struggled with issues - and still continue to struggle but we are with them in prayer and hope.    Brooke with her new heart has been an amazing little girl but she too has had issues and caused a few along the way by being difficult with medications.   All part of a learning process for her and her lovely family.

Tater has been in an out of hospital, Crosby too has spent time with rejection issues and Ethan continues to be back and forward to Cincinnati and at times little Eli must have felt the pain of all of this.  Kortni is going well following her two transplants earlier in the year.

We have kept the faith and brought these special people before our Heavenly Father on the wings of prayer and I am thankful for their lives and their struggle and achievements.

At the dawn of 2012 - it is my prayer that this group will continue to be the loving and caring support it has been to these families and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy 2012.

Join hands and hearts across the world as we continue together to be advocates for organ and tissue donation. 

With love and hugs,



>> Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Superbrooke
Looking pink and health in her hero cape playing outside - how lovely it is to see such a health little girl.
Swinging in the Sunshine and Shouting out for joy.
Kenzie is swinging in the sunshine and the wonderful news is that she and her Mom and Aliya have gone home - Took Dad two truck loads to get all their things home. It is amazing how much you can accumulate over four months.   She has to return to Cincinnati every week for a while, but look at the joy on that little face.

Photograph day at School.
Our boys are doing well at School and things seem to be settling for Ethan, - he is well and posed with Eli for photograph day at School.

It is a delight to be able to show these images and share such good news and I wish to express thanks to everyone for their loving concern for these little ones.

Love and hugs,


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